Profusion Strategies Executive Coaching

Leadership Development for Teams and Organizations

Your organization is only as strong as the teams of people within it. To maximize your best resource – your people – you must ensure that your teams are functioning at their best. We offer a variety of services designed to develop your human capital and ensure that your people are aligned and working together to achieve your key business results.

successful professional leaders
“Working with Profusion Strategies allowed me to gain better self-awareness, improve my relationship with my team and achieve faster operational results than would have been possible on my own. Leslie’s unique ability to ask challenging questions and offer practical feedback allowed me to see new possibilities for myself as a leader. I’d highly recommend Profusion Strategies’ coaching services, especially to leaders who are faced with a great deal of change or who feel overwhelmed by the business results they need to achieve. Overall, I believe the investment in executive coaching will be a boost to my career.”
– Dan F., Director of Operations
“I recommend Leslie to any ambitious professional who feels like she can’t quite get off the roller coaster of life. I feel like I finally have the tools to proactively address stressful situations in my work and life. She is focused on my progress, and I have seen quick, consistent results in achieving my goals.”
– Ashley, Attorney

Team Assessments and Coaching

Whether your organization is facing new challenges or business goals, dealing with a team mired in dysfunction or conflict, or preparing for rapid growth, its success depends on ensuring that key teams are functioning at their maximum potential. We partner with clients to offer team assessments and coaching programs that help individual members better understand each other’s perspective, work collaboratively, communicate more effectively, and find solutions to the business challenges they face. Let us help you design an assessment and coaching package that fits your organization’s needs.


Workshops and Leadership Development Training

The staff at Profusion Strategies are experts in providing training workshops on a wide variety of leadership topics including improving communication, boosting confidence, building resiliency, improving self-awareness, and improving respect and motivation among teams. Our trainings are individualized to meet the needs of our clients and are suitable for a wide range of audience sizes. Our highly interactive approach ensures that participants leave energized and able to articulate and implement new learning from each session.


Facilitation Services

Whether you’re planning a strategic retreat, a key management team meeting, or a listening session to resolve conflict within your organization, the use of a professional facilitator is often crucial to the success of high stakes meetings. Profusion Strategies works with clients to define meeting objectives, design effective structures and activities to best meet those objectives, and facilitate communication, alignment, and action planning. Our services allow all stakeholders to be full participants in the process without being distracted by the need to manage agendas, adhere to timelines, plan activities, or take notes.