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Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to supporting our clients through the various stages of their development. With experience across the worlds of business, law, governmental entities, and human resources, we are able to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. We're passionate about our work and have invested hundreds of hours on our own professional development - as demonstrated by our numerous certifications and advanced degrees.

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Kerri Thompson

Director of Operations


Jane Roberts
Jane Roberts

Organizational Development and Human Resources Specialist

Kristin Bright Headshot
Kristin Kolesar

ACC, Executive Coach and Consultant

Kisha Wynter
Kisha Wynter

PCC, Executive Coach

Sarah Roberts, Profusion Strategies
Sarah Roberts

PCC, Executive Coach

Elvis Beale

Special Assistant to the CEO

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Profusion has created a forum for professionals to discuss the most important issues facing leaders in an ever-changing workplace. Their insight into our most pressing challenges is inspiring and valuable to individuals and organizations alike. I rely on their viewpoint when making daily decisions.
Beckett Stabile
Director of Human Resources, Premier Surgical Associates
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I've found Profusion's services to be highly valuable to my growth as a CEO and leader. They are great listeners, insightful in their responses, and speak with full candor while managing to remain supportive, positive, and fun to work with.
Mac Bartine
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Profusion has an outstanding level of expertise in workforce development and communicates in a very engaging and authentic way, and I would recommend Profusion Strategies to any employer we serve.  
Jessica Belitz
Director of Workforce Development - Blount County Chamber of Commerce
Frequently Asked Questions
What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a 1:1 development activity where a leader or executive meets privately with a coach in a series of conversations designed to develop the leader’s capacity and capabilities. Coaching is perhaps the most individually tailored development activity available and involves a close, confidential relationship between the coach and the client.

The executive coach provides a safe and structured environment for the client to explore her goals, address her struggles and blind spots, and challenge current habits that may be impeding her success. The coach also helps the leader to understand how she might be perceived by others, clarify her professional goals, and plan action steps to help her achieve them.

Common themes in executive coaching are developing key leadership skills, enhancing team-building capabilities, identifying and leveraging key strengths, improving communication, and building emotional intelligence.

We want to engage a coach for one of our employees. How can we be sure our goals for the employee will be addressed?

Our process for executive coaching is built around open dialogue. During the beginning phase of each engagement, we work with the client, his leader, and other key stakeholders to clarify the development goals to be addressed. This work includes a multi-party meeting where each party’s goals are discussed and we work to resolve any differing perspectives on the objective of the engagement before coaching begins.

What’s the difference between coaching and training?

The main difference between coaching and training lies in the highly individualized nature of coaching. Whether coaching is being conducted 1:1 or in a team or group setting, the goals, and objectives of the relationship are driven by the client. The coach’s role is to support, question, and explore differing perspectives with the client. The specific approaches, topics, and models used by the coach may differ widely depending on the needs and the desires of the person(s) being coached.

In training, there is a clear set of learning objectives established at the outset of the training engagement. It is the trainer’s job to teach these objectives and any accompanying frameworks, processes, and best practices to the attendees. While there may be some customization in the training, the specific topics covered will not be individualized based on the needs of individual group members.

My company has offered me the ability to work with a Profusion Strategies coach. Will my conversations be disclosed to the company?
Never. All Profusion Strategies’ executive coaches are ICF-certified and adhere to the ICF’s Code of Ethics, including its guidelines for confidentiality. If you ever have a question about how confidentiality applies to your coaching process, please do not hesitate to ask us!
Do you offer a customized discovery process?

Yes. We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to build development solutions that meet their most pressing challenges while making the most of precious resources. It all starts with a Discovery Call. Book yours today

What is the value of personality assessments in leadership development?

At the heart of any leader’s journey is the need to more deeply understand themself and how he interact with others. We utilize the Hogan Personality Assessment as well as other data-backed assessments to help our clients boost their self-awareness, tap into their hidden strengths, uncover their blind spots and potential derailing behaviors, and discover their personal leadership style.

Why should we choose Profusion Strategies over other leadership development firms?

In a word - experience. Our team is comprised of experienced leaders in the world of business, law, governmental agencies, and human resources. We carry a variety of advanced certifications in their individual fields and spend a significant amount of time each year in professional development and study. But leadership isn’t just theoretical to us. We are dedicated to providing practical, timely solutions to support real change for you and your organization.

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