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Leslie Beale is a noted trainer, facilitator and public speaker.  She’s passionate about helping professionals make the changes they want in their lives and careers, and designs her seminars, workshops, and key note presentations to equip them to do just that.
Her engaging style, powerful real world examples, and ability interact with her audiences help attendees leave each event with the knowledge and confidence to tackle their biggest goals.
Whether you’re looking for a conference speaker, a trainer for your corporate retreat, or a presentation for your professional association, Leslie would love to hear from you!
Leslie Beale - Executive Coach


Built to Thrive: Designing a Career to Go the Distance (50 mins)
Lean in. Step up. Find balance. As professionals, we’re bombarded with a variety of messages about achieving success and fulfillment in our careers and lives. But most of us still find ourselves struggling to create what we want most – a career that allows us thrive, at work and beyond. In this presentation, you’ll learn to unlock your own vision of what it means to thrive and how to build key habits to support that vision.


Maximize Your Confidence: Being Bolder in the Face of Big Challenges (50 mins)
Ever wondered why some people struggle with insecurity when others seem so self-assured? In this presentation, you’ll uncover the secrets of confidence and learn practical strategies for maximizing this key characteristic in your own life and career.


Mindset Matters: Hidden Secrets to Unlocking Your Best Results (50 mins)
If we’re honest most of us are seeking success in one form or another. But to achieve your most important goals, you must learn to manage your most powerful resource – your mind. In this presentation, we’ll explore how mindset impacts our performance, as well as practical strategies to building a success mindset now.


Get Your Bounce Back: Building Resiliency in the Face of Setbacks. (50 mins)
Failures. Mistakes. Curveballs. They happen to the best of us. If we aren’t careful, they can completely knock us off track and kill our momentum. In this presentation, you’ll learn key practices for developing resiliency, even when faced with your most daunting setbacks.


Powerful Professional Interactions: Opening the Door to More Effective Communication (50 mins)
Meetings. Emails. Difficult conversations. We live in a world of constant communication, yet too often we undermine our own effectiveness and power by allowing bad habits to undermine our message. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to identify the habits that are limiting your ability to powerfully communicate and practical steps to resolve them now.


Get It Done: Time Management for Busy Professionals (50 mins)
You’ve got important things to do, and limited time to get them done. In this presentation, you’ll learn to maximize your day by identifying your most important priorities, effectively managing your workflow, and avoiding the traps that can derail your professional success. No matter your career, you’ll leave with practical, easy-to-implement strategies for improving your daily routines.


Don’t see what you want? Customized presentations and workshops also available.