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Embracing Gratitude Just Might Make You a Better Leader

Would you be surprised to learn that embracing gratitude as part of your leadership toolbox can have lasting benefits for your effectiveness and that of your team and organization?  Most of us don’t think about gratitude very often - if at all - in the workplace. Instead, we tend to relegate giving thanks to our holiday traditions and perhaps a sporadic journal entry or two.  But research shows that gratitude has the same power to

November 17th, 2020|

Three Surprising Consequences from a Leadership Style That’s Too Soft

We probably all have a horror story about an overbearing boss - one who had an explosive temper, set unreasonable expectations, or micromanaged and nitpicked every move we made. These “bad bosses” are the subject of watercooler war stories, viral social media posts, even hit movies, and most leaders vow to be nothing like them. After all, isn’t the secret of good leadership to put your people first? To be empathetic, compassionate, and understanding? Aren’t

September 23rd, 2020|

Three Ways to Lead with More Heart

Lead with heart. Put people first. Be empathetic.  These things are easy to talk about, and most of us know a heart-based leader when we experience one. But the truth is, it can be challenging to bring more empathy, compassion, and connection to your leadership when this isn’t your natural style. Not all of us are born with the natural ability to connect with people easily. Not all of us have empathy as our first

August 25th, 2020|